Montag, 16. Januar 2012


Finally i did Hel and I'm quite disappointed about the quality of the pictures.
But okay, I think everything that's important is visible.

What I thought about Hel:

She is a daughter of Loki and the goddess of the underworld. Many sources say that her body is half woman half corpse. But i didn't want to do a skull over the half of my face because so many people did it for their halloween make up...
Hel is not only the name of the goddess but also of the underworld itself. (That's where the word "hell" is from.)
Everybody, the good and the evil, come there. But there're differences in treating them. Rapists and murderer must walk through the toxic streams around Hel's castle and the dragon Nidhöggr lives on their corpses...

I wanted to create sharp edges to show the borderline between life and death. The blended black on the temples should demonstrate the deep shadows of Hel's world.

Brands I used:

Alverde (Anti Aging Make Up "beige", Camouflage Concealer "sand")
Essence (Mattifying Compact Powder "translucent", Eclipse Limited Edition Diamond Powder)
Gothmetic (Lipstick Traditionell in black purple, Eyeshadow Traditionell in white)
L'Oreal (Volume Million Lashes Mascara)
MAC (Fluidline "Blacktrack")
Manhattan (Multi Effect Eyeshadow "black")
P2 (Color Time Lipgloss "Moonlight Kiss")
Stargazer (Foundation in white)
Zoeva (Pure Glam Pigment "Porcellain" "Expensive Black")

And here's the link to my friend's blog. Tina did an amazing nail design for this look. Check it out!