Montag, 19. März 2012


Hey, I'd like to introduce the first character of the Greek Mythology Series, Hera.

She is the wife and also the sister of Zeus and so the daughter of Kronos and Rhea.
One time a year she's sleeping with Zeus on the Island Samos, where she was born. Bathing in Imbrasos makes her a virgin again.
Hera is very jealous, because her husband is really unfaithful. His bastards are hunted and cursed.

Her function is protecting marriage and birth and as Hera Zygia she is the patron of the wedding night.

When i think about Hera, always violet eyes and peacock feathers come to my mind. So this look was not really planned, it just came to my mind of its own volition.

Brands I used:

Alverde (Camouflage "001 Sand", Puder Camouflage)
Catrice (Prime And Fine Smoothing Refiner, Nymphelia Limited Edition Lashes)
Essence (Moonlight Collection Limited Edition Eyeliner "01 live forever", Crystalliced Limited Edition Glitter Froster "02 Diamond Dust"
Gothmetic (Eyeshadow in white "01")
Lime Crime (Carousel Gloss "Kaleidoscope)
L'Oreal (Volume Million Lashes Mascara)
MAC (Fluidline "Blacktrack", Satin Lipstick "Cyber", Mineralize Skinfinish "Soft and Gentle")
Manhattan (Multieffect Eyeshadow "50 Black")
Milani (Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows "06 Beauty in Blues")
P2 (Intensive Khol Eyeliner "020 Cool Alaska")
Revlon (Colorstay Foundation "110 Ivory")
Sleek (Monaco I Devine Palette "Summer Breeze" "Humming Bird" "Magenta Madness", Blush "935 Flushed", Matte Lipstick "748 Cranberry")
Sugarpill (Pressed Eyeshadow "Poison Plum")
Zoeva (Pure Glam Pigments "Distilled Grapes" "Mauritius" "Porcellain")

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